Fairy tales are full of wonder: Moniek Hover at TEDxBreda

Fairy tales contain wonderful characters and events. Fairy tales affect people in a wonderful way: throughout the ages children and adults alike never cease to be enchanted by fairy tales. For years and years academics and scientist have wondered what it is that makes fairy tales so powerful, so unique and timeless. Today, we need fairy tales more than ever to overcome challenges. Time to wonder about fairy tales!

Regarding Moniek Hover

Moniek Hover is Associate Professor Storytelling & Experience at NHTV Academy for Leisure in Breda where she teaches in the professional and academic bachelor and master programs. She is a researcher in the field of storytelling and how this relates to meaningful leisure experiences. In February 2013 she obtained her PhD at Tilburg University (Faculty of Humanities). The title of her dissertation is “The Efteling as a ‘Narrator’ of Fairy Tales”. Ever since she was a little girl, Moniek has been fascinated by fairy tales: their amazing characters and events and their wise lessons. She was so lucky as to translate this fascination into a PhD project which immersed her into the wonderful world of fairy tales. At NHTV Moniek was recently awarded most newsworthy employee and at Academy for Leisure most inspiring employee. Together with Olaf Vugts (director Imagineering at the Efteling) Moniek is responsible for the Efteling Academy, a talent development program for NHTV students in the field of storytelling, branding and Imagineering.

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