Top 5 Most Beautiful Christmas Tales From All Around The World

Want to read a story to your children or with your family in front of the Christmas tree?

Let me give you some instpiration with my list of “Top 5 Most Beautiful Christmas Tales From All Around The World”!


A funny short story about the Piccaninnies and how fashion came to the bush in Christmas Tree  by Isabel Maud Peacocke.

4. Papa Panov’s Special Christmas by Leo Tolstoi

The story of Papa Panov is an excellent way to introduce young chldren to the principles of kindness. It is a very thoughtful story, based on the Bible text ‘I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me water’ which Jesus used to make us understand how we should serve him by serving each other.

3. A KIDNAPPED SANTA by L. Frank Baum

What happens if Daemons try to kidnapp Santa Claus to make children unhappy? Find out in Lyman Frank Baum’s story “A kidnapped Santa”, which is definately one of Baum’s most beautiful stories and constitutes an influential contribution to the mythology of Christmas.

2. THE LEGEND OF THE “WHITE GIFTS” As Told by Phebe A. Curtiss

Christmas is not about presents, but about the celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ. And how to explain it better than by “The Legend Of he White Gifts” by Phebe A. Curtiss: He never seemed to notice whether the gift was great or small; he regarded not one gift above another so long as all were white. Never had the King been so happy as he was that day and never had such real joy filled the hearts of the people.

1. THE FIR TREE by Hans Christian Andersen

The Fir Tree is a wonderful story on lost opportunity that teaches us that we should be grateful for the things we have and for our lives instead of always begin grumpy and comparing ourselves to other people. Happiness comes from gratefulness.

Read The Fir Tree on and learn more on the Psychology of Comparison on Youtube or on the Iconique Psychology.

African and Asian Christmas Stories?

Since I promised “all around the world” let me also add African Christmas Stories on

Unfortunately I am short on Asian Christmas Stories. Do you know any ?  Tell me in the comments down below.

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