Mercury and the tradesmen (Aesop’s fables) by Aesop

When Jupiter was creating man, he told Mercury to make an infusion of lies, and to add a little of it to the other ingredients which went to the making of the Tradesmen. Mercury did so, and introduced an equal amount into each in turn—the tallow-chandler, and the greengrocer, and the haberdasher, and all, till he came to the horse-dealer, who was last on the list, when, finding that he had a quantity of the infusion still left, he put it all into him. This is why all Tradesmen lie more or less, but they none of them lie like a horse-dealer.

Who do you believe is the biggest liar? Tell us in the comments down below.

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  1. January 27, 2019

    […] Fables, Aesop, also tells us about what he thought to be the biggest liar in the world in his story Mercury and the Tradesmen. If you have ever bought a car you might already guess. Funny how some things never change […]

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