Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (by Sophie Havard) – (English)

Once upon a time there was a tree, it lived peacefully. But he had something that the others didn’t have. It had green leaves all year round. But he wanted to be like everyone else. So he went to the wise piece of wood and said, “Why do I have green leaves all year round? Can you give me some advice on how I can be like everyone else?”.

“Heavy, heavy,” said the wise piece of wood, “ask the magician! “He lives in a cave in the mountains.”

And he went to the magician and suddenly there was a small cave in front of him. The tree went in and told everything to the magician. The magician said: “I will make you a magic potion, you can come back tomorrow.”

And he came the next morning and asked about the magic potion: “Where is my magic potion?”. The magician said: “On the cupboard” and the tree drank the magic potion. And suddenly beauuuuuuutiful flowers grew on his hair.

And after a few days it was summer and he had super juicy pomegranates and he enjoyed the fruits and he liked them very much.

And he enjoyed his time in the summer. “Oh, summer is beautiful.” But then he thought about the spring, winter and fall where he couldn’t have the super juicy pomegranates and that made him very sad.

Oh, but it wasn’t autumn yet.

And after a few weeks it was already autumn. Its leaves became colorful. And slowly the leaves fell off too. He thought autumn wasn’t actually that bad.


Winter is slowly coming and he played in the snow for the rest of the day.

END and if he didn’t die, then he’s still living happily today.

(At least while there is still snow)😀


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