Folk- and Fairytales raising awareness of the plight of orphans

Tragically, millions of children all over the globe have become orphaned for many reasons: war, famine, displacement, disease or poverty. To make sure that they are not forgotten, once a year there is a special day dedicated just to them: World Orphans Day, which falls on the second Monday of each November. This special day has been put in place in order to draw attention to the plight of the world’s orphans, and so on this day, people are encouraged to actively participate in helping raise awareness, support, and funding for motherless and fatherless children worldwide. A noble cause if there ever was one! [1]

Since at I always want to do my small part, I also collected the Best folk and fairy tale stories about orphans.


A wonderful classic fairy tale with a hint of Cinderella feeling is The Golden Maiden


The cunning king of Goldland tries to cheat a stranger who helps him out of the woods since he didn’t adhere to his word. Will The Grateful Prince ever meet his fahter or become an orphan?


Will Osmo get his sister Ilona married? Who will be The True Bride?

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