Top 5 Tales about seeking Immortality and Immortal beings

The idea for this Top list came when I read about a Startup that wants to upload people’s mind to the cloud. A lethal procedure with an uncertain outcome (read more about Nectome on The Guardian and Business Insider). They are, however, not the only ones and by far not the first ones to dream of immortality….

COCK AND JACKAL (South-African Folk-Tales, 1910) by James A. Honey

Cock, it is said, was once overtaken by Jackal, and caught. Cock said to Jackal, “Please, pray first (before you kill me), as the white man does.” Jackal asked, “In what manner does he pray? Tell me.” “He folds his hands in praying,” said Cock. Jackal folded his hands and prayed. Then Cock spoke again;…