The big snake which could steal by magic: A story told by Patricia Banda (Mguluza village, Zambia)

A father and a mother were keeping a snake in their house. This snake was being sent to enter people’s houses and steal money or food. The couple told their children never to tell anyone about  the secret. The children indeed kept the secret. But among the children, one child, a girl, revealed to people that in their house they had a snake which goes into people’s houses to steal money and food. Because of revealing the secret, the snake ran away from the house and entered into a deep pool of water which was nearby.  Knowing that the snake was so important to the family, the parents got angry with the child who caused the snake to run away. For this reason she was chased away out of the house and told to go and search for the snake and bring it back.

The girl followed the snake to the river and her father was behind her with a panga knife to make sure that she would find the snake. She entered into the deep pool of water where the snake had entered. While in there, she caught different kinds of snakes  and showed her father, who was waiting  for her to bring back the snake from the water. Whenever she caught one snake, she was singing asking her father if it was the one that had escaped.

Is it not this one father? It is just moving around in the water X2
No throw that one away! It is just there moving around in the water X2

At last she found the snake and showed her father who proved that it was indeed the right snake. The girl came out from the deep pool of water with the snake in her hands and gave it back to her father. She was however killed by her father and thrown away into the deep pool of water.

Recorded by Author  11.07.2016, Mguluza village, Zambia

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