The Lion and the Rat: A story told by Mgimba (Tanzania)

Long ago the Lion was the enemy of all the other animals. One day he was on a journey for hunting, but was caught in a game trap and he began to cry. When all  other animals heard his sound,  they were afraid to go there to help him. He cried very much, until a Rat which was in its hole was feeling sympathy and it went there to help him, until the Lion got out of the trap.

On another day that Lion was hunting again and by chance he caught that Rat, and wanted to eat it. The Rat said: “Mr. Lion,  on a certain day you were near to die in a game trap and I was helping you,  today you  want to eat me? What sort of evil have I done to you?” But that Lion,  just ate the Rat without any considerations.

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