The greedy Lion: A story told by Mgimba (Tanzania)

On a certain day the Lion was hunting. As he went on for a while he met with the Hare. The Lion said: “I want to swallow you!” The Hare answered: “Haaa! If you eat me, am a very small animal, my meat will not be enough to satisfy you. Please wait for me here at this place, I will go to the mountain over there, I will chase big animals and drive them to this side, and you just have to keep your mouth wide open!” The Lion agreed to everything the Hare promised to do.

So, the Hare climbed up the mountain and began to throw down stones while he was shouting : “This one! this one! this one! be ready for it! It’s coming!” Then he asked: “Have you had enough with this animal?” The Lion answered: “Not at all!”

The Hare now threw a very big stone down and told the Lion to be ready for a buffalo! So the Lion kept his mouth wide open. The large stone hit the Lion and killed him. The Hare was asking: “Have you had enough now?” And he found that there was no reply. Thereafter he went down to the place where the Lion was, and found him dead. The Hare was very joyous and now told all the animals about the Lion’s fate. The Hare was praised for killing their enemy.

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