The Fish-eagle and Hyena: A story told by Dolase Shawa (Zambia)

There was a fish-eagle and a hyena, they were good friends. Because of  poverty  in their country, they decided to go to another country to search for work. At one time, they had heard that in the neighbouring country, Malawi , there were many jobs, there was much food and there were many other things. Soon, they said good bye to their wives and set out to a city called Blantyre. They both got jobs and  worked hard.

After some months, when the wives at home were just sitting under a tree, they heard a song. It was the fish eagle singing:

The fish-eagle (Story teller)  Audience responding :
The eagle is here my heart is in the sky (X2)
i would like to see my home my heart is in the sky
my wife should receive new clothes my heart is in the sky

The wife of the fish eagle asked if her friend could hear the song „Yes! that is your husband’s voice, but I cannot hear my husband’s voice“ complained the hyena‘s wife. She then listened very carefuly to the song hoping to hear the voice of her husband hyena as well. She said to her friend: „Indeed I can hear only the voice of your husband“. She wondered where her husband had been.
At that time the hyena had stopped somewhere on his way home, after he had found fatty bones. He was busy eating them. His friend the fish eagle tried to convince him to go home as he had carried food and clothes he had bought for his family. But Hyena did not want to listen to his friend. He remained there for a while and continued to eat the bones. Because he could not finish eating the bones at once, he decided to leave the food and the clothes there, instead he carried the bones home. When he approached home he started to sing:

Hyena (Story teller)  Audience responding :
Uwi! Uwi! am here zantanga (X2)
in Blantyre zantanga
there are bones zantanga
with fats zantanga
Uwi! Uwi! am here zantanga

The hyena‘s wife heard her husband singing from far. He was singing, to say: „In Blantyre there are fatty bones“. The song sounded not promising to Mrs Hyena. She wondered if she was brought anything from Blantyre. The hyena continued to sing praising the bones from Blantyre until he reached home. The wife of hyena was really annoyed to see that he had brought a big bag full of bones.
Meanwhile the fish-eagle was flying round the village singing his song which said he would like to see his home and his wife. Afterwards he also landed home. He had brought clothes, food and many things to his wife. Therefore she was very happy. The hyena was divorced for bringing bones to his wife.

So this story is trying to tell us that there are some husbands who really work hard to get money. But after getting money, they go out to use the whole money to drink beer and do other unnecessary things, instead of thinking of their poverty.

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