Hyena and hare as friends: A story told by Elias Mg’ong’o

Once it happened that the Hare paid the Hyena a visit. He found the Hyena repairing his house and the Hyena had cooked rice and meat. The Hare greeted the Hyena and told him, “Let me help you my friend!” The Hyena agreed. So, the Hare started helping the Hyena. Slowly and carefully, he tied the Hyena’s tail to the grass without the Hyena noticing. Then he  went where Hyena’s food was and ate everything. He then filled the dish with his urine and faeces . After finishing the food , he said to the Hyena, “bye bye Hyena”. And the Hare quickly left, never to come back again.

After a while, Hyena felt so hungry and  decided to go and eat the food he had prepared. But when he started moving, he discovered that his tail was tied, and it was painful, so he began to cry for help. After a couple of minutes, a wolf was passing by and heard the Hyena crying, so he went to help him. When the Hyena came down, he only found urine and faeces in his dish and got so angry that he started looking for Hare, but he never found him. From that day the Hyena and Hare have been enemies.

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