Sympathy killed Mr. Kapangula: A story told by Uda Ngoma

My story is like this

There were seven boys. These boys went for hunting. Where they went, they chased different kinds of animals. When the hare saw that the boys wanted by all means to catch an animal, he run very fast to a nearby village. In that village he found a man who was carving mortars for pounding. This man was called Mr Kapangula. The hare told the man that he was running away for his life. „Mr Kapangula, I am in trouble! said the hare, while breathing fast. There is war there in the bush! People are searching for me to kill me!“ The hare pleaded with Mr Kapangula to let him enter  his stomach and hide in it. Mr Kapangula was not eager to let the hare enter his stomach. He argued that if the people find out that the hare was hiding in his stomache, they would all be killed together. But the hare said „No! If the people come, they will just ask you whether you have seen me, you will tell them that I just passed here, running.“ Mr Kapangula agreed to hide the hare in his stomach, swallowing him..

When the boys who were searching for the hare reached the place where Mr Kapangula was working,  they asked him indeed whether he had seen the hare. He answered that he had seen him but that he just passed, running very fast. The boys proceeded with their journey in search of the hare. After three days while the hare was still in his stomach, Mr Kapangula told him that the war had passed and that it was time for him to come out and back to  the bush. The hare did not respond to anything. Later the hare responded and said „But I am sorry Mr Kapangula I cannot come out, I have found soft meat inside here and I am busy eating „. The hare ate all the internal organs of mr Kapangula and he died.

This is a lesson to watch out whom we help. Sometimes we try to do good things to others, not knowing that we are only putting ouselves into trouble.

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