The Fox and the Hare: A story told by Mgimba (Tanzania)

The Hare and the Fox were very good friends. One day the Hare agreed with the Fox to go and see their friend in the hills. While they were on their way to the hills, the Hare told the Fox that he has stomache problems. For this reason, he showed his friend some roots that could relieve the pain. “If i cry out that my stomache is aching, please rush here and bring me these medicine.” He showed the Fox the roots. When they reached their friend’s place they were offered a dish of nsima and meat. When the Hare saw the delicious relish, he cried out: “my stomach is aching!” So, the Fox rushed to the bush and picked the medicine, but when he came back, he only found a small piece of the food left. So, he asked the Hare what  had happened to the food, but the Hare lied to him saying that some visitors had come, and they had eaten the food. Actually, the Hare had used this trick upon others for a very long time.

One day they went to visit their friend again and they were offered a very delicious food. The Hare decided to use the same trick, but the Fox now carried the medicine with him, so he gave the Hare the medicine. “My stomache is aching!” The Fox immediately removed the medicine from his pocket and gave them to his friend.  The Hare became very angry since he wanted to eat the food alone.

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