The greedy Hare: A story told by Nobo Zulu – (Ngileni Village, Zambia)

A long time ago there lived a Hare full of greediness for food. Whenever  his friends had gathered to eat, he was running to the river bank to remove his skin. After removing it, he was keeping  it in the water so that it would not dry up.  He was removing his skin and running to his friends, so as to scare them away during eating. Since no one could identify this kind of animal without skin,  they were really getting scared and ran away leaving the food behind. This time around the hare had the  chance to eat the food freely alone.

One day  as the hare was removing his skin at the river, the Fox was there in hiding and observed what the Hare was doing.  The  Fox saw  the process of putting off his skin. As soon as the Hare had left, he went towards the river and removed Hare’s skin from the water and put it in the sun. It dried before the Hare came back to put it on.

When the Hare returned to the water course to pick up his skin, he found that it had been removed by the Fox, and it was totally dry. He tried to dip it into the water, but it didn’t help. The Hare died, because he had no skin again.

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Amiser living in Kufa had heard that in Bassora also…
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