The Sheep and the Hyena: A story told by Kyondo

A long time ago the Sheep and the Hyena were good friends. One day the Hyena went to visit the Sheep. The Sheep told his wife to prepare nsima (porridge) without relish.

As it happened, she prepared porridge without relish and her husband was told to put his tail close to the fire. When he did that, putting the end of his tail near the fire, a lot of fat came out from the tail, and the Hyena was given nsima with the fat, and he was very satisfied, since he had never eaten such a sweet meal before. After the meal the Hyena said goodbye to the Sheep and went back home.

One day it was the Sheep’s turn to visit the Hyena. The Hyena also told his wife to prepare nsima (porridge) without relish. His wife did as instructed, then the Hyena placed his tail near the fire, in order to make fats come out from his tail. But instead of fat coming out,  he  got badly burned and  ran crying towards the bush.

The Sheep was waiting a bit. When he found that his friend, the Hyena did not come back, it went its way. From that day on the Hyena and the Sheep have been enemies.

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