The Hare and the Fox as friends: A story told by Basilius Saprapason (Tanzania)

Once upon a time, the Hare and the Fox were friends. One day the Hare told the Fox, “let’s go and steal some bananas”. They set off to steal bananas. After some time, they reached a banana farm which belonged to a very rich person and there were both unripe and ripe bananas. The Hare tricked the fox, “when you find ripe ones, give them to me and I will give you unripe ones since my teeth are aching”. The hare ate the ripe ones very quick while the Fox ate slowly since he only had the unripe ones.

Later, the hare ran home, wore a black suit and took a black stick then returned to the farm where the fox was and asked the fox, “why are you stealing my bananas?” The fox could not say a word out of fear. The Hare thrashed the fox while the Fox cried for help with no avail.

Then the hare went back home again. This time around he wore a red suit and took a red stick, came back to the farm and thrashed the Fox again until the Fox saw that this was not his world, and then left. But when the hare went back home again, the fox followed him and found him changing his clothes. The fox got so angry, attacked the hare and killed him. Then he took away everything that belonged to the Hare.


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