Jealousy: A story told by Bazilio Banda (83years) (Zambia)

There were boys who went to hunt animals. While there, only one boy managed to kill an animal because he had dogs. The boys who did not kill any animal became jealous. They set off to the village. Before they reached home, one of them suggested that they should have a play. “Let us kill the one who has killed the animal and take it with us home.” said one boy. They all agreed to do so. The dogs of the boy were just watching what the boys were doing. They killed their friend and took away the animal and went home. The dogs were sad because of the death of their master.

The boys did not think that the dogs could reveal the secret. The boys went back to the village. Soon a parent asked the remaining boys where their friend was left. They all denied of having seen him. The dogs reached home too and they were singing saying that evil people agreed to kill their master. People in the village listened very careful to the song. One of them said. “You people listen, listen! the dogs are saying something here.” They all listened to the song, soon the dogs started barking and running, heading towards the place where their master was killed. The people followed the dogs. There they found that the boy was killed. Then the boys who had killed their friend were caught by the people in the village and were given a hard punishment.

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