Top 3 Fairy Tales for the Chinese New Year

3. The Flower-Elves

In The Flower-Elves a scholar is being asked a favor by a bunch of young maidens: “And now we have a great favor to ask, that every New Year’s day you make a small scarlet flag, paint the sun, moon and five planets on it, and set it up in the eastern part of the garden. Then we sisters will be left in peace and will be protected from all evil. But since New Year’s day has passed for this year, we beg that you will set up the flag on the twenty-first of this month. For the East Wind is coming and the flag will protect us against him!”

2. The Favorite of Fortune and the child of ill luck

The Favorite of Fortune and the child of ill luck is a story of a faithful wife who waits for her beggar-husband to return for 18 years until he comes back as a king. He 

After a few days the emperor said to his wife: “We spend every day in festivities, as though every day were New Year.”

Unfortunately the story has a sad twist, but that, you have to read for yourself.


1. The Legend of Monster Nian

 According to the ancient Chinese legend, in ancient time, there was a ferocious monster named “Nian” with sharp teeth and horns. The Legend of Monster Nian is the traditional story that is being narrated in China for the New Year Celebrations.


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