Alternative facts yet again on THE ORIGIN OF DEATH (South-African Folk-Tales, 1910) by James A. Honey

A moment ago I was contaced again by another well-educated user who pointed out that the story I posted on The origin of death was fake news, but the corrected story on The origin of death was FAKE NEWS AGAIN! There are more alternative facts on of the origin of death. So this is the real, real story on The Origin of Death:

The Moon, on one occasion, sent the Hare to the earth to inform Men that as she (the Moon) died away and rose again, so mankind should die and rise again. Instead, however, of delivering this message as given, the Hare, either out of forgetfulness or malice, told mankind that as the Moon rose and died away, so Man should die and rise no more. The Hare, having returned to the Moon, was questioned as to the message delivered, and the Moon, having heard the true state of the case, became so enraged with him that she took up a hatchet to split his head; falling short, however, of that, the hatchet fell upon the upper lip of the Hare, and cut it severely. Hence it is that we see the “Hare-lip.” The Hare, being duly incensed at having received such treatment, raised his claws, and scratched the Moon’s face; and the dark spots which we now see on the surface of the Moon are the scars which she received on that occasion.

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I was contaced by an well-educated user who pointed out…
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